"Some day, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads, 'Information'; for in most cases the information is more valuable than the hardware which processes it."
-- Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper


Articles by Andy Czernek, many originally written for Google Answers (as Omnivorous-GA) or the Google Knowledge base.


Today, Tuesday, Dec. 31 in history: The Poison Prevention Packaging Act is signed at the end of the month in 1970. A history of poison warnings poison warnings.

Born: Henri Matisse (1869); George Marshall (1880); John Denver (1943); Ben Kingsley (1943).

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Articles on the website

Google Answers: a collection of answers written by Omnivorous-GA

"How to" articles:
    -- Baking French bread
    -- Building a cold frame
    -- Making chicken mwamba, the national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    -- Making samosas

Peace Corps: a summary of the studies done on who volunteers -- and the impact the service has on their education and professional lives. And comments on the impact of Peace Corps service from the December, 1996 study of volunteers done by Juanita Graul.

People search: how to search for information on yourself or anyone else.

State-by-state comparisons: A collection of statistics illustrating the governmental, cultural and social differences between the states and provinces in these two federal systems. Includes current events topics, demographics, economic, education, government and social data.
    -- State and province populations NEW data from the U.S. Census Bureau (December, 2009)
    -- Population ranking (2000 Census)
    -- 2009 bank failures by state
    -- Mortgage foreclosure rates by state
    -- Population growth rankings by state and province
    -- Death rates per 100,000 ranked by state and territory
    -- Wind power capacity by state
    -- Highest point in each state
    -- Foreign borders by state
    -- Math, reading scores by state

Visiting the Northwest:
    -- Mukilteo Tour
    -- Paine Field Tour
    -- Lopez Island Tour
    -- San Juan Island and Friday Harbor Tour

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A collection of material written by Andy Czernek, of Mukilteo, WA.

Other websites maintained the author include:
* Mooney Events, a calendar and other resources for owners of Mooney Aircraft

* Fry Family of Ashland County, Ohio, a family genealogy site

* Sinking of the SS Golden Gate, the story of the fire and sinking of the steamship off Manzanilla, Mexico in 1862


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